plastic people

blowback. throwback. went from yellin out “pro-black” to yellin “where the hos at?”

came this far and you know I can’t go back. ’89 slang…y’all chumps can get the bozak.

in fact, it’s time to get what’s ours, instead of trickin in these bars tryin to act like stars

and they can brag about they cribs and cars. I’m tryin to feel like Malcolm off the plane from Hajj.

understand what that really means? been bad since billie jean. hip without the skinny jeans.

not tryin to fit in between…just let the illest things shoot like silly string.

I don’t cling to lies they tell us… just to hold us down..feel envy and jealous.

rebellious…never one of the fellas. treat me like he the male version of Precious.


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