Android music apps – part 1

I’m pretty deep into Android stuff. For the record, I’ve stayed away from iOS devices mainly because:
1. I’m not a big Mac user (although I’ve owned at least 5 over the years).
2. Initially AT&T was the only iphone carrier and I did not want to switch.
3. I hate using itunes as gatekeeper.
4. I like my gear as open, hackable, and with as many user-replaceable parts as possible.
5. I buy electronics as tools not as trendy fashion accessories.

Of course there are pluses to a tightly controlled and popular ecosystem. The iOS music apps are generally more polished, powerful, and from larger companies. Android however is full of little mom-and-pop software developers and continues to have a very indie vibe. Devs are usually very reachable. You can report a bug or suggest a feature and they address it 100x quicker than say Korg would. Overall, I’m glad I jumped head first into the platform and made a whole album on a Android device. To this day, I still carve out time to try out nearly every new audio (and most video) related apps. Folks ask me suggestions all the time, so here are some newer apps music apps I’m really digging:

– Part synth, part sampler. It’s come a long way from it’s 8-bit/Game Boy/chiptune roots.

Caustic 2– As close to Propellerheads’ Reason for Android as you’re going to get. Only step-sequencing for now though.

Nodebeat – There are a bunch of abstract music apps around but this is one of the best. You can accurately control the randomness and solo over the sequences.

xPiano+ –  a great GM rompler with a ton of ‘bread and butter” sounds.

Saucillator – Although it was inspired by the Korg Kaossilator (which I used on this tune years ago) I was happy to discover that it’s is more of a synth than rompler. The looper is perfect and really fun. I wish other apps (like Caustic) had that function.

G-Stomper – Currently the most powerful sampling drum machine on Android. (no disrespect to Electrum which I also love). G-Stomper can be a bit CPU and memory intensive but it’s worth it.


2 thoughts on “Android music apps – part 1

  1. planeth says:

    Hi Coolout.
    Just checked out your album ‘The Rise’… awesome man! All done on Android, big respect!
    Thanks a lot for mentioning my G-Stomper App on your blog.

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